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Rules for this competition will be taken from the International Waterball Rules, 17 March 2002.

Team participation must be restricted to only members of a fire department.

Teams can consist of members from more than one fire department, but the team must have a department sponsor them.

More than one team can represent a fire department. Only one player at max can swap between two teams if an additional member is needed to make a team of 5.

The Tournament will be single elimination if there are more than six (6) teams. The tournament will be double elimination if there are six (6) teams or less.

All participants must bring their own fire boots, coat and helmet at minimum for the competition.

Teams must consist of a minimum of 5 people with an additional person, if they so wish, to have to switch out with exhausted players. For each competition there must be one coach, nozzleman, one pressure holder, one back up line nozzleman, and a hose stretcher. If there is a 5th person present, they may assist in coaching, but one can be provided if the team does not have one present.